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"Our mission is to create attractive destination where everybody wants to visit and live."

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Depopulation, the out-migration of young people to other prefectures, the progress of an extremely aging population combined with a declining birth rate…

Our key to solving matters that arise when people disappear from a region is [to travel].

Establishing the status of [Miyazaki ・A place to long for] nation- and worldwide, we believe that the steps of < becoming interested in Miyazaki・wanting to come for a visit・wanting to live here> that travelers experience connects our region with the world and comes along with revitalization of the area.


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Aoi Hidaka​

CEO of Otonau Inc. Born and raised in Miyazaki


After working at a corporate business in Tokyo I was active in a local consulting enterprise in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. After my return to Miyazaki, I thought “I want travelers from all over the world to come to Miyazaki” and started a career as multilingualization coordinator. As the head representative of the Miyazaki Inbound Tourism Squad, I operate the data research blog “What brought you to Miyazaki”.

Kenshiro Hayashida

CMO of Otonau Inc. Born and raised in Miyazaki


During my time at University, I joined an urban development NPO. After that, I worked at Aratana Inc. as an e-commerce marketing consultant. With the mission to “reduce the amount of grief through the internet” I aim to connect people with services through marketing.

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​Inbound Tourism Consulting

“I am hitting the language barrier”, ”I would like to read the original documents from the actual location thoroughly for an analysis”, ”I would like to get help with market research” etc.… We help our clients advance with their goals and we will accompany you along your way to make your next step forward - out of Japan and into the world.

en miazaki travel media おとな訪う
Web Media - En Miyazaki

“There is no interesting Information”, “I don’t know how to get to the place I want to visit”. Responding to the needs of foreign tourists visiting Japan, we are operating a WEB media platform specialized in local information about Miyazaki.

​Web Marketing

“I want to increase the ability to attract customers with the services of my enterprise”, ”I would like to increase enquires”, “I need help with increasing the number of repeat customers” etc. - together with our clients, we find solutions to your WEB-related concerns and offer a total-support from proposal to operation as your partner.

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Otonau inc.

2F TOKIWA30 building, 4-7-28 Tachibanadori-Higashi, Miyazaki city, Miyazaki Prefecture



Tel:     080-5600-3901

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